Creative Engagement Rings

Explore a glittering array of diamonds and silhouettes resplendent in signature, modern and uniquely customisable settings designed for life's most meaningful moments.

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A Spellbinding New Classic

With intricate details and stunning silhouettes, Verragio's are one-of-a-kind.

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True Colours

Each with its own allure, our precious stones are of the highest quality and hold all the rare beauty of a traditional white diamond.

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For Every Love Story

Explore our collection of creative men's bands - all customisable in various finishes from brushed to polished, hand-engraved to diamond accented.

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Shine Bright

From glittering classic and shaped rings, to distinctly modern and bold styles — discover our selection of wedding, commitment and fine jewellery bands.

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Creative Engagement Rings

Explore a glittering array of diamonds and silhouettes resplendent in signature, modern and uniquely customisable settings designed for life’s most meaningful moments.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Your bespoke engagement ring, Made for You by Savvy+Sand. We combine meticulous craftsmanship, that follows the centuries-old traditions of artisanal jewellery making, with cutting edge jewellery design and technology. This, paired with expert guidance from our creative designers and team of qualified GIA gemmologists creates a truly personal and unique engagement ring for your perfect proposal.

Find inspiration from our most popular Engagement Ring styles or create a piece that is unique to you. With our complimentary bespoke service, create an engagement ring as unique as your love.

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Our Design Approach


Our rings are imagined, guided and designed by thoughtfully combining your dreams and influences with the artistry of our in-house creative team. Each bespoke creation starts as an idea and develops into a beautiful sketch.


Exclusively Savvy+Sand


Our Design Approach

Incredible Details

Intricate details make your engagement ring look and feel unique. Each of our rings is custom designed and can incorporate as much or as little as your desire. From hand- engraving to millgrain and beyond, every one of our creations has original design features – some for your eyes only. This is what makes our designs unique and personal.


Exclusively Savvy+Sand

Our Design Approach

Enhancing Classics

Our rings are designed with reference to classic and timeless creations, enhanced with design features to set them apart. Our side bezel halo is one such creation, adding an unexpected halo of diamonds around the center diamond, viewable from the side profile of the ring.


Exclusively Savvy+Sand


Our Design Approach

Three-Dimensional Design

Our rings are designed and handcrafted to look beautiful from a three-dimensional perspective. Each ring is handcrafted based on the precise dimensions of the center stone and reveal the true brilliance in each diamond from all angles. We only use the finest ‘melee’ (accent diamonds) for our ring settings.


Exclusively Savvy+Sand


Award Winning Creative Jeweller in London

From custom bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands to a curated collection of unique international designers, we embody creative jewellery in London.

Our in-house GIA gemologists and creative teams imagine and design unique engagement ring collections by merging influences and artistry with creative design, each piece meticulously handmade in our private London atelier, and customisable just for you.

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Master Craftsmanship - Verragio

They too said Yes...


Tradition by Verragio

Redefining elegance by surpassing industry standards, Tradition by Verragio offers a ring “unlike any other”.

Exclusively Savvy+Sand

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Our Boutique in Mayfair

Nestled on New Bond Street, Mayfair, our consultative boutique has been designed as a sleek residence – an inviting space with soaring ceilings and sumptuous finishes.

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Classico by Danhov

The Solitaire, enhanced. Classico is a timeless collection and Danhov’s take on the classic solitaire design.

Exclusively Savvy+Sand

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Our Diamond Curation

We empower you, our clients, with transparent, reliable and comparable diamond knowledge to inform and guide your decision.

We curate diamonds for you, guided by Our Principles

Analytical & Financial

Prices will vary considerably between diamonds with identical 4Cs. We identify the best Colour, Clarity and Carat weight combination to optimise your budget and find diamonds that make “money and sense”.

Sourcing Impartially

We have a large selection of exceptional diamonds to offer you, but we will go beyond our inventory to find the right ones to recommend you. We only propose the diamonds we really believe in and would buy for ourselves. We search far and wide, beyond the reach of most other jewellers, from any ethical source.

GIA Grading

We propose diamonds certified by the GIA, the reputed grading authority for the diamond trade worldwide. We will only propose diamonds certified by other laboratories if the grading is verified by us.

Advancing the 4Cs

The 4Cs (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat) are universal guidelines developed to grade and judge a diamond’s characteristics and therefore its price. It forms the basic knowledge the majority of consumers gather when carrying out research and is therefore what most jewellers solely focus on to define the characteristics of diamonds.

We look beyond this. The 4Cs do not speak of a diamond’s beauty, its sparkle nor its brilliance. They do not reflect a diamond’s Make.

It is possible that a selection of diamonds will have identical 4Cs and an identical price – but when viewed and compared, their Make will be incomparable. One diamond will outshine and therefore be more desirable than the others… that is the diamond we seek.

Advancing the 4Cs, the Make is the adoration of the proportions, cut, polish, symmetry, lustre, light-performance and brilliance anyone can see. It is essentially what makes the diamond beautiful, prominent and one-of-a-kind.

And how do we select Make? It is our taste, generations of experience and determination to select the most desirable diamonds – not solely basing our recommendations on the 4Cs.

This is what we offer you, exclusively at Savvy+Sand

Award-Winning Engagement Ring Designers

Discover our inspired collection of engagement rings from our curated selection of award-winning and exclusive designers. Our collections include designers such as Verragio, Danhov and Erika Winters – each collection represents one-of-a-kind pieces only available at Savvy+Sand.

Our Exclusive Designers in Residence


Verragio creates cutting-edge engagement rings with a classic, vintage foundation

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Erika Winters

Erika’s collections are built on her passion for fresh and exquisitely crafted jewellery.

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Danhov creates unique engagement rings, each beginning with a single wire.

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Aboveground {Lab Grown} Diamonds

As Beautiful and World Positive, our Aboveground Diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds.

Acquired directly from Diamond Foundry, California, aboveground diamonds will reflect a price that is 15-20% lower than a comparable natural diamond.

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“Savvy was able to provide me with a 100% custom design, which we made together, allowing me to incorporate the little personal touches I wished to for my fiancé. The quality of the final ring was second to none.”


“I was incredibly pleased – Savvy+Sand’s level of detail from everything to their boutique, presentation and unique rings themselves was exceptional.”


“Thank you for the most beautiful engagement ring!”


Our Heritage

Savvy+Sand is an independent, family-owned fine jeweller. The family has been designing and handcrafting jewellery for the past four generations, with roots in India, Africa and Europe.

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