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A couple of months back I nervously hit ‘publish’ on this blog post, declaring my love for my better half Ben. I’m still not sure whether it was to much information, I wrote it on the flight back from Singapore after a magical holiday together (maybe I was a *little over emotional and jet lagged!), I never really thought too much about actually posting it, but then our 6 month anniversary crept upon us so I decided to share it and the response was overwhelming! I was bombarded with Facebook messages and people saying the post had made them cry (oops!).

So, myself and Ben met on Tinder, I had to sift through the frogs before I found my love. With Ben, everything was so incredibly different from the very second we started talking. Our banter was on point (naturally), I longed to see his text on my phone, we spoke for hours everyday, and the strangest thing? I loved him before I’d even met him! Call me crazy, but we got to know each other so well, on a completely different level that when we met it was like “oh there’s bae” because it just felt so right, so natural with him. We didn’t meet for three weeks from when we first started talking because Ben was on holiday in Singapore otherwise I would have met him in a heart beat as I was dying to get to know him.




Time Flies

We’ve been together for about 8 months now which is crazy as it’s just gone so, so quickly! You know what they say girls? Time flies when you’re having fun. And oh, how much fun it’s been! Ben makes me laugh every single day (usually to the point of tears); I think having fun is such an important factor in any relationship, and I don’t just mean ‘going to the cinema fun’ I mean being able to let your hair down and really be yourself with someone, let them see the real you. All your perfect imperfections. Or something like that!





Our First Date

Our first date will always be one that I remember and cherish. We first met the day after boxing day when we spent the day in London, we went for an incredible lunch at one of Ben’s favourite Chinese restaurants that he couldn’t wait to show me, then we headed to Winter Wonderland, drinking cider in each others arms and watching live music. I love the fact that we met around Christmas time as it adds that extra element of magic to our story and anniversary! We ended up spending New Years Eve together and have been inseparable ever since! *queue mini violin…




Romantic Trips

We went to Iceland together after we’d been together for about 6 weeks, which I know is fairly quick but it felt like I’d know him for a lifetime. I didn’t worry too much what others said or thought as it felt right and all I wanted to do was spend 5 days with my love bathing in the Blue Lagoon, drinking at a beer festival, or watching the skies in search of the Northern Lights. Iceland will always hold a special place in my heart as it was our first holiday together, although our trip to Singapore was equally and special, and magical! Ben is half Singaporean so I knew he was itching to show me the sights, I fell in love with the country so hard (almost as much as I love Ben, but not quite!).





Knowing He’s The One

We’d only been together for a couple of weeks when we stayed in the Langham as I was doing some work in London, we were dining in their beautiful Roux at the Landau restaurant, when Ben turned to me nervously and said ‘So, is it too soon to call you my girlfriend?” – I genuinely couldn’t remove the most ridiculously grin from my face all evening, I was on cloud 9! I knew since the moment I’d met him (and since we even started talking) that he was my ‘One’.

Babies! Oh man, I’ve been so broody since I met Ben and I don’t know what happened to me?! Even my Mum and best friend are like what the hell is wrong with you? Haha! I’ve always been so career driven and business minded but when I met Ben I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, and for him to father my children. But, don’t panic just yet! Sensible me is like babes you gotta get that travelling done, buy a house, and be a sassy independent business woman. So, no it won’t be happening anytime soon but I definitely see myself spending the rest of my life with this one. So, two or three kids? Okay, sorry I’ll stop!




The Age Old Question

Do we argue? haha that age old question! Please don’t ever believe that any relationship is ‘perfect’, contrary to what you see on social media! Me and Ben don’t really argue as we’re both so laid back, neither of us have time for it – if we have a problem we’ll talk it out like adults to resolve the issue. I’d say it’s usually just me being a bitch when ‘that time of the month’ occurs and Ben puts me back in my place LOLZ. I love the fact that even though Ben is super laid back, he also has a strong personality and won’t take any nonsense, from me especially, I’ve always been one of those people who *occasionally needs telling to just quietly pop her toys back in her pram. And that’s exactly what Ben does for me. The Ying to my Yang!




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